Thursday, May 20, 2010

Always Take The Superstar Player Over The Coach

As the title of this blog suggests I always take the superstar player's side in a conflict with management irregardless of the circumstances. Although I fully understand that athletes are often headcases and superstars often have no grasp on reality they are superstars nonetheless and you have to treat them as such. If anybody could do what they did they wouldn't be superstars right? Enter Hanley Ramirez and Fredi Gonzalez. By all accounts Hanley was clearly in the wrong for dogging it on a booted ground ball and the manager was correct in his decision to discipline him. Then it got ugly. Hanley took his benching personally and called out the manager publicly. As strange as it sounds it's up to the manager to apologize and smooth things over from here on out. The Florida Marlins aren't going to trade their superstar shortstop with the 2009 NL batting title at his house. It's just not that easy to find another one of those. On the other hand do you think they can find someone else to sit in the dugout and eat sunflower seeds? Hanley was out of line on this one but what can you do? Superstar preferential treatment has it's drawbacks but in the end you always have to take the talent. Except for T.O. of course.

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