Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The New Stockton To Malone?

Give the Phoenix Suns credit. They showed a lot of heart in their 118-109 victory over the Lakers on Sunday. Amare Stoudemire looked grown mannish on the court going for 42 points and using Ron Artest like a rented mule. During this series one thing has become clearly evident however. Amare Stoudemire shouldn't leave Phoenix. His game is predicated on going to the basket off the pick and roll and he has no ability to create his own shot. He's dependent on Steve Nash to score the same way Karl Malone was dependent on John Stockton. Without a true point guard Amare is nothing and Nash is the last true point guard. The Lakers will win tonight and go on to take the series because they're too big up front and Kobe senses there's a REAL possibility of catching Michael Jordan and his 6 titles. That being said Phoenix has some positive things to build on. Steve Nash has 3 good seasons left, Robin Lopez is coming into his own, and Grant Hill has found the fountain of youth. If they can get Amare to stay and sign Steve's good friend Dirk Nowitzki Phoenix has a legitimate shot at a ring in the next few years. Lets see what the summer free agency period has in store for them.

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