Saturday, May 22, 2010

All Cycling And Track Guys Use Dope

Can you explain how a person ends up with someone else's blood in their system? Can you explain why someone would have 9 times the recommended dosage of cold medication in their system? It's because they're cyclist and track and field guys. They cheat. They all cheat. They have to. Anytime your success or failure is determined by .01 of a second you'll do whatever it takes to gain an advantage. There is no way to compete otherwise. If everyone else is doing it and you're not you will never win. God given ability is not enough to overcome that obstacle. Sports today is about money and fame not morality. In cycling and track and field it comes down to who has the best doctors, not who has the best technique or will to win. Sports fans will have to get used to the inevitable speech when some former champion regrettably admits to using PED's. We've seen it in the past (Marion Jones, Bjarne Riis) we're seeing it in the present (Floyd Landis) and we'll see it in the future(Lance Armstrong, Usain Bolt). Once you realize everyone's dirty in these sports you'll become de-sensitized to the drama. Embrace the dirt sports fans!

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