Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year's Suggestions

As we close out the year I just wanted to thank all my family, friends, and followers for supporting the Cleavie Wonder blog. A lot of strange things happened over the course of 2011 and I'm glad I was able to share my thoughts and opinions with you guys. I look forward to more provocative and thought provoking conversations in 2012. Here are some suggestions for the new year 206 style.

Homer Edition:

Nick Holt should do the honorable thing and resign. The Huskies have an unstoppable offense, but the program can't progress with that swiss cheese defense. I think the alumni is starting to circulate a petition for his firing as we speak.

The Seahawks still need a quarterback, but not as desperately as I originally thought. If RGIII isn't available we should definitely look to free agency (remember my Drew Brees theory) or develop Josh Portis. Tavaris Jackson can hold it down for half a season, but not much more.

The Seattle Mariners need to quit playing around and sign Prince Fielder. Power hitters are hard to come by and from the looks of him we won't have to worry about any suspensions for using performance enhancing drugs.

The UW basketball team is at a crossroads. The most talented player on the team has difficulty getting his teammates involved and without Tony Wroten Jr. the Huskies won't make the post season. I hope coach Romar can resolve this before the Pac 12 tournament starts.

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