Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Timing Of Braylon Edwards

Earlier this week the San Francisco 49ers cut wide receiver Braylon Edwards. Edwards has been slow to recover from a knee injury earlier this year and there were questions as to how much he would be able to contribute on the field. It's unfortunate Edwards will not get to be a part of a team that legitimately has Super Bowl aspirations. The 49ers parting ways with the wideout before the playoffs and during the holiday season is a reminder the NFL is a business first.

From a financial standpoint the release couldn't have come at a worse time. Edwards is making good on a promise to help young minority kids in Cleveland go to college. As a rookie for the Browns in 2005 he vowed to donate $10,000 to any student that qualified for his scholarship program. Because of his generosity and commitment to helping those less fortunate 79 young men and women have the chance to get a college education. For Edwards it is a personal expense of $790,000.

It would be a shame if his philanthropic endeavors led to personal financial hardship. His release is a definite sign his NFL career is at a crossroads and I'm not sure how lucrative the market will be for his services next year. Braylon has had a history of dropping passes and his stints in New York and San Francisco were less than impressive.

Regardless of his NFL future Braylon Edwards contributions off the field will have a significant impact on the lives of many. He has given opportunity and inspiration to those that desperately deserved it and hopefully has set an example that others will follow. No matter what happens I'm sure Braylon doesn't regret his decision.

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