Monday, December 12, 2011

Weekend Observations

The fantasy football gods have a cruel and perverse sense of humor. After struggling for credibility for 14 weeks I finally swept all 3 leagues (so long as Brandon Lloyd doesn't score 21 points tonight). Now it looks like I know what the hell I'm doing. In my JV league I won my consolation playoff game thanks to Ahmad Bradshaw breaking curfew to kick it with the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders. In my trash talking league I beat up some bum by 50 points after being heckled by one of my league mates on Friday night. Too little too late. In my hurt your feelings league I may miss the playoffs because the Packers benched A-Rod midway through the 3rd quarter against the Raiders. Way to go Carson Palmer. Maybe you should have stayed in retirement. Here are some observations from the weekend.

It looks like Jon Jones doesn't have any equals in the UFC. After pummeling Lyoto Machida on Saturday I don't see anyone that's on his level.

Ryan Braun has proven once again that putting up video game like numbers in baseball usually means you're on drugs.

Lamar Odom is 90% crybaby and 10% professional. After being packaged in a deal that would have sent Chris Paul to the Lakers (the deal was nixed) Odom demanded a trade to Dallas because his feelings were hurt. He'll regret it.

Tim Tebow must sprinkle pixy dust on his opponents. In the last minutes of the Chicago contest I couldn't tell if I was watching a football game or a Buffalo Wings commercial. Some things are beyond explanation.

The Rivers/Curry back court at Duke has a good pedigree, but they look a little soft to me. Conversely, those guys at Xavier look like they might steal your lunch money and spit in your face. Toughen up Blue Devils!

Kudos to Matt Prater. You know I don't like kickers, but hitting a 59 yard field goal to send the game into overtime followed by a 51 yarder to win it is no joke. Go ahead and bring out the Elway girls for him. Free drinks all around.

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