Friday, December 16, 2011

Is Tony Montana Ruining Sports?

Sometimes behavior just can't be explained. Chicago Bears wide receiver Sam Hurd was arrested earlier this week for his role in an elaborate drug ring. Police confiscated kilos of cocaine and hundreds of pounds of marijuana. We're not talking about a little powder to get the party started or a couple of blunts to calm the nerves. We're talking about Avon Barksdale size quantities. Where did it all go wrong?

It's hard to imagine the NFL life not being glamorous enough for Sam Hurd. Very few people get the privilege of playing in the NFL much less for the Dallas Cowboys and the Chicago Bears. NFL players are treated like royalty and make large sums of money. In addition, they get to rub elbows with some of the most influential people in America. It's inexcusable to turn to a life of crime with that kind of access and opportunity.

Personally, I blame television. The infatuation our society has with gangsters and drug dealers is alarming. The fictitious and flashy lifestyle portrayed in movies and music videos has people aspiring to become some notorious kingpin. A news flash for Sam Hurd: Tony Montana is not real. Nino Carter never ran the Carter. Rick Ross borrows the cars, the jewels, and the boats for visual effect. What a shame you were so easily deceived.

The real victims in this ridiculous sequence of events are the Chicago Bears. They've lost their starting quarterback, starting running back, a gut wrenching game to Tim Tebow, and now one of their receivers. The negative publicity surrounding this case is a distraction when the Bears could least afford it. The Sam Hurd stunt may very well cost them the playoffs and it had nothing to do with their execution on the field. I sure hope coach Lovie Smith doesn't lose his job over this. That would be a travesty.

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