Friday, April 8, 2011

The Workout Cycle Part I

Working out is essential to maintaining a healthy body and staying in good shape. My friend Paul Butler and his wife have dedicated an entire blog (The Butler Way) to the benefits of running and the results attributed to a healthy diet and a solid regiment. They are living proof the program works. I myself am a bit lazy. I used to be the guy that played pick up basketball with his friends and tennis on the weekends, but after rupturing two Achilles tendons (one during basketball and one during tennis) anxiety and fear keeps me off the courts. The gym is the only solution to getting in a good workout.

I start my morning by making plans to go to the gym after I get off of work. I get pumped up to get in the pool and do some serious laps. As I start my work day I watch people jogging on Lake Union and it motivates me. I can't wait until the work day is over so I can stay healthy like them. The work day runs its course, I do my after work errands, I battle the long commute, and get home around 7. It's generally a long day and by 7:15 my motivation begins to wane. Instead of putting on my swim trunks and heading to the gym I turn on the TV and watch ESPN. Most of the time the have a good sporting event on so I sit down and watch. I know if I grab a beer and sit too long I probably won't make it to the gym. I grab one anyway, then another, and before you know it it's 9:00 and my motivation is completely shot. I feel guilty for not executing the plan and following up on my goals, but I have an easy fix to the problem. I'll work out in the morning!


  1. Yes, morning work outs! Pack you bag, get your gym gear ready before you go to bed. Get out the door before your head has a chance to protest the fact that you are up earlier, get in the car and heat to gym. You'll be glad you did! Thanks for the shout out! -Kerry, proud runner

  2. Thanks for the read. Be sure to read part II tomorrow.