Saturday, April 23, 2011

Novak Djokovic Deserves Respect

Over the years tennis has become a sport featuring compelling rivalries. We've seen Borg vs. McEnroe, Navratilova vs. Everet, Williams vs. Williams, and Agassi vs. Sampras. The latest installment is Roger Federer vs. Raphael Nadal. As Roger made his ascent to power and claim on the title "Best tennis player ever" Nadal has always been the fly in the ointment. Nadal is Federer krytonite. When no one else seemed capable of beating Federer, Nadal repeatedly won grand slams (Especially the french Open) and served as a legitimate threat to the Federer legacy. The melodrama has made for exciting tennis. In the 2011 season a new twist has been added to the mix. There is a 3rd arch nemesis whose results have far exceeded expectation. He's kicked down the door of men's tennis and is officially in the conversation of the world's top player. Novak Djokovic has decided to crash the party.

Novak has won 24 straight matches this year and has beaten both Federer and Nadal. It could be argued that he is playing the best tennis out of the three. The schedule is turning in Nadal's favor however as we enter the clay court season. Nadal has already won his 7th consecutive Monte Carlo title and will be going for his 6th French Open title tying the great Bjorn Borg. Now that he has two menacing foes to conquer the feat may not be so easy to pull off.

It's still all about Federer and Nadal in the tennis world, but Djokovic is going to make this season interesting. The world's number two player will come up with some upsets along the way. Don't be surprised when they call his name to hoist one of those big shiny gold trophies this summer.


  1. Great piece Cleavie. I agree totally!

  2. @The Sports Cubicle: Thanks for your response. I think Wimbledon may be his this year.