Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lebron Beats Kobe

I thought Lebron James was mean and insensitive? I thought the whole world hated him for the classless manner in which he announced he was taking his talents down to South Beach? I thought no one would ever forgive him for cutting out the heart of Cleveland fans and throwing it into Lake Erie? I thought everyone considered him a punk for leaving his team to go play with his friends? As it turns out none of that is the case because the so called villain of the NBA had the top selling jersey this year surpassing Kobe Bryant. The hooper you love to hate has suddenly become America's most wanted. It is clear from the jersey sales that a lot of the media backlash over "the decision" was not indicative of how the fans really felt. Truth be told the media frenzy Lebron had to endure probably generated some fans he didn't have before. Lebron James is out of the dog house (for now), but the same can not be said for the Black Mamba.

in the heat of the moment during Tuesday's win over the Spurs Kobe Bryant was caught on camera uttering a homophobic slur towards referee Bernie Adams. He was fined $100,000 by the NBA and for now the gay and lesbian community has labeled him public enemy #1. I don't condone the language Kobe used, but I do think it was taken out of context. I doubt Kobe Bryant hates all gay and lesbian people. The punishment was justified however and the NBA acted quickly and properly concerning this issue. My guess is that's the last we'll hear about this. Stay tuned.

As for Lebron beating Kobe, that scenario will only happen off the court. There is little chance the MoHeatos will get to the NBA finals and if they do the Black Mamba will be waiting. There is no derailing the train to immortality for the Lakers and Kobe Bryant is the conductor. After this season Michael Jordan will have to scoot over to make room on the greatest ever platform. NOBODY is getting in the way of that. Playoff preview tomorrow.

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