Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Do Athletes Deserve Forgiveness?

I believe in second chances. I believe that young men and women often make mistakes they regret and are truly sorry for. There's a lesson to be learned with every experience and so long as the person accepts responsibility for their actions they should be allowed to atone for their bad judgement. Circumstances often dictate what a person is capable of doing in a given situation. Sometimes desperation, poverty, and peer pressure make people do things they shouldn't. It is how they respond to the adversity that makes them a better person. That being said there's no substitute for common sense and some decisions are so ridiculous they defy explanation.

Such was the case a few weeks back when Deion Bonner walked onto the University of Georgia campus and stole i pads and i phones from the lockers of several Georgia football players. Deion is considered one of Georgia's top 10 football recruits. He was a virtual lock to be rewarded with a scholarship to a division I school and an opportunity to fulfill his dream of playing pro football. How about now? Would you give someone a second chance that doesn't have enough common sense to stay out of trouble when everyone is watching? Does he deserve the benefit of the doubt? Could he possibly give an explanation that explains his actions?

In the end Deion Bonner's talent level will determine whether someone will take the chance on him or not. Cam Newton, Randy Moss, and Scott Skiles were all kicked out of school for similar infractions yet were able to turn their lives around. Let's hope for Deion sake his lack of common sense hasn't ruined his football career before it ever started. I'm pulling for the kid, but it doesn't look good

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