Monday, April 25, 2011

Brandon Marshall Will Ruin The Miami Dolphins

Just when you think NFL owners are greedy, pompous, self righteous, and arrogant Brandon Marshall reminds us of the financial risk they take and the unstable environment players often create for themselves and their organization. Brandon was acquired by the Miami Dolphins last year and signed a 4 year deal worth 47.5 million dollars (24 million guaranteed). Despite a long list of off the field problems including domestic violence, disorderly conduct, and drunken driving the Dolphins took a chance on Brandon in hopes that a change of scenery and an obscene amount of money would change his behavior. The gamble paid dividends last year as Brandon became Miami's biggest offensive threat and the team's best receiver. Now the investment seems to be turning sour.
Brandon Marshall was hospitalized Friday for injuries sustained during a domestic violence dispute. Like so many NFL players Brandon's greatest strengths are also his greatest weaknesses. The passion, intensity, and aggression that yield results on the field are the same attributes that get him into trouble off the field. Although the money was supposed to change his demeanor and personality that is clearly not the case. Brandon continues to be a distraction and a liability for the Dolphins. His abilities are not enough to off set the drama and excess baggage that surrounds him. It is only a matter of time before something happens that puts the organization in an uncompromising position.
The Miami Dolphins should cut their losses with Brandon Marshall while there's still time. There is a pattern in his behavior that suggests these off the field issues will persist and there's no solution in sight. For every first down reception or touchdown there will be an outburst and an incident with the authorities. Brandon is who he is and there is no changing that. You wish there was an alternate ending to this soap opera, but there's not. Brandon has had multiple chances to prove he is capable of delivering in the field without becoming a malcontent off of it. The experiment hasn't worked. On to the next one.

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