Tuesday, April 5, 2011

UConn Wins, I Guess

I sat through the game, but it was absolute torture. My dad called me at halftime to ask me what the score was and when I told him 22-19 he said, "how much time is left in the first half?" Realizing how ridiculous the score sounded I knew it would take some convincing. "It's halftime." "Of the national championship game I mean." "Yeah, it's 22-19." "Clea, these chumps have only scored 19 points in a half of basketball?" "Yep." "College basketball ain't sh*t no more is it?" "Nope." Being the sports fan that I am I can watch anyone play hoop. I can watch the Lakeside 5th grade girls game and still find a silver lining. Last night's championship game had no silver linings. I had to watch the game to the end just for the suspense factor, but I got no enjoyment out of it. The McDonald's All American team could have blown out either one of those guys last night. If UConn and Butler were the 2 best teams in the country what does that say about college basketball as a whole? The system is broken and if they don't fix it soon college basketball will lose even die hard fans like myself(not really, but can I see some real hoop please?). The good news is Jim Calhoun gets to go out a winner before the NCAA wolves come huffing and puffing and blowing his house down about recruiting violations. Coach Calhoun is guilty as sin, but who wants to prosecute a 69 year old coaching legend? This way he gets to ride off into the sunset as 1 of only 5 coaches to win 3 or more national championships. That's an impressive feat irregardless of how ugly the game was.

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