Saturday, February 26, 2011

Trevor Bayne: The Re-incarnation Of Ricky Bobby

Trevor Bayne just wanted to drive fast. At the tender age of 20 Trevor shocked the NASCAR world by winning the historic Daytona 500 in dramatic fashion. The young kid was so green he didn't even know where victory lane was. It's impossible to act like you've been there when you've never been there before. Trevor Bayne proved you don't need expensive sponsorship or years of experience to win NASCAR's biggest race, just nerves of steel and the will to win. The real question is what does this surprise victory say about the sport as a whole?

Some people will argue that the win validates the claim that race car driving isn't really a sport. How could someone that's had their drivers license less than 4 years and can't even order a drink at a bar get on the race track with the big boys and beat them at their own game? How much skill does it really take to drive around in a circle for a couple of hours? I for one won't discredit the sport as a whole, but it makes you wonder what the criteria for becoming a champion is. If nothing else Trevor Bayne's win at Daytona dispels the myth that it takes more than desire and determination to get it done. Of course it takes a certain amount of luck and the crashes didn't hurt his chances either.

It's too early in the NASCAR season to tell if Trevor Bayne is a once in a lifetime feel good story or a force to be reckoned with for years to come. It's not often that a young upstart shocks the sports world with a surprise victory. Now that Trevor's in the spotlight we'll see how he handles the scrutiny and the expectation of a champion. Facebook, twitter, and you tube should be interesting in the next few months. Good luck Trevor, stay out of trouble!

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