Friday, February 25, 2011

The Confessions Of Young Sam Rothstein

Sometimes you lose your way. Sometimes you lose your nerve. Sometimes you second guess yourself. Sometimes you predict things will happen in a certain way because you want or need them to happen that way. This is the landscape I have painted for myself. Instead of following the gambler's code and the rules I've established over the last two decades (my sportsbook betting manual is coming out this summer) I started throwing good money after bad and dug a hole for myself. It wouldn't be the first time and fortunately I know where the shovels are kept.

The key is to be patient. There will be plenty of opportunities coming up in the next few weeks with college basketball conference tournaments and the big dance. I will have to exercise some discipline by staying away from the NBA completely (there are always exceptions of course). After yesterday's whirlwind of trades it will take at least a month before teams get settled and learn to play with one another. It will be difficult to fight the temptation to bet on Carmelo Anthony at the garden though. He's already feeding off the New York crowd like Bill Compton feeds off Sookie Stackhouse on True Blood. No spread is safe in my opinion, but I won't risk it (probably). I must stay focused and wager on sure things.

It's time to go into sniper mode. I'll pick off a few games here and there if I catch a blip on the radar. If the spread is lees than 10 points on Sunday I'll take the Huskies over WSU. Cleveland at New York next Friday and Sacramento at San Antonio may tempt me, but other than that I'm banking on the college kids and the magic that is the tourney. The pressure is on. I got a couple past due bills (I won't get specific), but the March Madness will set everything straight. The sportsbook is the ultimate reality show. Watch me get rich or die trying.

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