Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Greg Anderson: The Ultimate Friend

As much as people would like to think their best friends would do anything for them it's not a theory you want to test on a regular basis. Truth be told most people are selfish and put their own best interests ahead of others. When faced with the possibility of disciplinary action or even jail time a friend will say whatever they must to save their own ass. Greg Anderson is cut from a different cloth.

For years the personal trainer for Barry Bonds has refused to testify before a grand jury in the government's case against the hall of fame slugger. Without his testimony it is difficult, if not impossible for the government to prove Barry Bonds knowingly used performance enhancing drugs. Like Al Capone said in The Untouchables, "Without the book keeper you got nothing."

If you believe that Barry Bonds is guilty of using performance enhancing drugs during his career (as most people do) then you should also believe that Greg Anderson is the most loyal of friends. His wife, his sister, and even his mother in law have all been threatened with prosecution over this case yet Greg has remained defiant. He has served over a year in jail for his unwillingness to cooperate with the investigation. What more can a friend do for you?

The perjury trial for Barry Bonds is set to begin March 21st and once again Greg Anderson will be absent from the proceedings. Something tells me Barry has a generous "slush fund" waiting for his childhood friend when this whole thing is over. Win or lose Greg Anderson did his part and no one can say different.

I don't condone the obstruction of justice in a federal investigation, but I admire Greg Anderson for his code of silence. It would be so much easier for him to tell the government what they want to hear and make his problems go away. Instead he's sticking by his boy and letting the chips fall where they may. Greg Anderson definitely gets some street cred for his no snitching policy. Riley and Carmelo Anthony would be proud.

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  1. Realest nigga I've heard of in these athlete trials. Mr. Vick should have had friends like these!