Saturday, February 19, 2011

Jim Gray Is Lucky To Be Alive

Over the past two decades Jim Gray has been the most annoying, intrusive, arrogant reporters in sports. His brash demeanor and forceful approach to asking questions has caused countless incidents with prominent sports figures. Jim Gray is the one who harassed Pete Rose during the all century team ceremony, a move that got him banned from the Yankees locker room. Jim Gray is the one that tried to get tough with Mike Tyson minutes after Mike had bitten another man's ear off. Halfway through the interview he started shivering like a little bitch, but the damage was already done. Jim Gray is the one who recently called out Dustin Johnson's caddie for causing him to miss his tee time. After a profanity laced tirade from the caddie Jim has been barred from the tournament.

I take offense to reporters that don't understand that sporting events aren't about them. Their role in the grand scheme of things is minimal. Some of these reporters (especially Jim Gray) are too self important and feel that athletes owe them an explanation about things they may not feel like discussing. One of these days Jim Gray is going to find himself interrogating the wrong person at the wrong time and end up on his back with a broken nose. Jim needs to realize he's messing around with super athletes, most of which aren't really that emotionally stable to begin with. His smug attitude just might push one of those guys over the edge. The Mean Gene Okerlund approach to interviewing only works with wrestling. Jim Gray has let his tenacity get the better of him. If he doesn't change his style up soon he'll find himself in Albuquerque doing the weather on the channel 4 local news. Even then I bet he 'd find a way to get under some one's skin. Jim Gray is an ass, bottom line.


  1. never gave the sonics their due in '96 finals. have hated that guy ever since...

  2. Thanks for the read. You're absolutely right.