Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Carmelo In The Garden

He won't wear his famed #15 ( that number is retired for Earl "The Pearl" Monroe), but Carmelo Anthony is officially a New York Knick! This comes as no surprise considering Carmelo has been campaigning to play in NYC since the summer, but the deal took longer to materialize than expected. After the dust settled everyone got what they wanted (even Denver) and now it's time to look towards the future.

Make no mistake about it, Carmelo Anthony doesn't make the New York Knicks a championship contender. Miami, Boston, Orlando, and Chicago all have better teams and play as a cohesive unit. The Knicks have 28 games left to mesh and get to know one another. That's not enough time to come together and make a serious playoff run. If you were expecting Carmelo to turn the Knicks around this year or next year you were sadly mistaken. The good news is Carmelo will be revitalized and hungry and the New York fans will give him energy and encouragement. The bad news is the Knicks had to gut their team to acquire him and the rebuilding process will take a year or two.

This is the biggest homecoming since Isaiah brought Stephon Marbury back to the Garden. The NBA is breathing a sigh of relief because the #1 media market is relevant again. The level of expectation is through the roof now, but I feel Carmelo is up to the challenge. Like Spike Lee, Derek Jeter, Patrick Ewing, Jadakiss, and Jay-Z Carmelo is ready to put New York on his back and see how how far he can carry them. The future of the NBA is looking brighter every day so lets hurry up and get that collective bargaining agreement hammered out. This is no time for a work stoppage. Good luck Carmelo, you got your wish!

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