Thursday, April 22, 2010

There Is No Racism In The NFL

I may not like Roger Goodell, but I respect the hell out of him. I'm impressed the commish hasn't applied a double standard for quarterbacks and players not of color. If you mess up you get the book thrown at you no matter who you are. No one player is going to derail the money train that is the NFL. Enter Ben Roethlisberger. This 2 time Super Bowl champion armed with a $102,000,000 contract had the nerve to rape a girl while still under investigation for raping a different girl. Was he crazy? No, just confident the rules of entitlement for rich white quarterbacks applied to him and therefore he was untouchable. I would have agreed until yesterday. Instead Roger Goodell handed down a swift and ruthless punishment that has caused the downfall of one of the proudest franchises in professional sports. The Steelers will recover from a public relations standpoint, but they won't make the playoffs this year and possibly may trade their franchise quarterback to make a point. That's quite a price to pay for someones bad judgement. Notice has been served. Roger Goodell would suspend his mama if she acted up. Unless your name is Peyton or Eli you better watch yourself.

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