Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I Wish I Could've Been There

If you watch sports from a historical context you can't help but wonder what it would have been like to attend certain events. The atmosphere, the performance, and the outcome all blending together to create a macical moment, a once in a lifetime moment. Watching these events on television gives you the impression that "being there" must have been life altering. It's an experience no one can take away. Those spectators will always be a part of history and the event they witnessed can never be topped in their minds. Here are the 5 sporting events I wish I could've seen live:

5. USC vs. Texas 2006 Rose Bowl. The Trojans were going for back to back national championships with Sports Illustrated's sportsmen of the year Matt Leinhart and Reggie Bush. The 2 Heisman Trophy winners seemed unstoppable and destined for immortality. Vince Young had the ball last however and put a blemish on USC's dreams of perfection. Pete Carroll's 4th and 1 call will forever be a mystery.

4. Portland vs. Lakers game 7 2000. The game that started the Shaq/Kobe Lake show dynasty There was no way they should have won. The greatest 4th quarter comeback in NBA history.

3. Magic vs. Bird 1979 NCAA Championship. The beginning of a rivalry that would define an era. The 2 best college players going at it giving us a glimpse of what the future would hold.

2. USA vs. Russia gold medal game 1980. Do you believe in miracles? The USA did the unthinkable in Lake Placid in front of the world. One of the biggest shockers in Olympic competition.

1. Ali vs. Frazier. The Frank Lucas seats please. The atmosphere was electric, the anticipation unbearable. The peoples champ vs. the establishment. The greatest fight in history.

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