Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hip-Hop Game Changer: Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince

At a time when the rap game consisted of killers, gangsters, and drug dealers Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince gave us a rap alternative. For the first time clean cut kids from the suburbs got a chance to tell their story. It wasn't about poverty and crime but rather sneaking out in your parents car or enjoying a hot summer day. Will Smith parlayed his grammy winning music career into a 10 year television stint followed by a successful movie career. This segue opened the door for such rappers as LL Cool J, Icecube, and Queen Latifah. Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince pushed the limits of conventional hip-hop and showed us there was a niche for everyone. This dynamic duo was instrumental in giving hip-hop a more universal mainstream audience. They found a way to be true to themselves and true to the art at the same time. The transition from hip-hop artist to actor is seamless and natural thanks to the accomplishments of Will Smith.

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