Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Seattle Sports 5 Most Heartbreaking Losses

Seattle has had its fair share of heartbreaking losses. It could be argued that the 206 has suffered on the same level as Cleveland, Boston, Utah, or Sacramento. The losses take a toll on the emotional psyche and are almost impossible to recover from. These are the 5 most heartbreaking losses in Seattle sports history:

5. Shadle Park over Mercer Island. I rarely take it down to the grass roots level, but this is an exception. The Islanders were so distraught over losing the state high school basketball championship that they took it to court to have the ruling overturned. They lost again.

4. UCLA over the Huskies 1990. I can still see Mark Brunell throwing that little out in the flat that got picked off after the Huskies battled back to tie the game. Had they won they would have been the #1 team in the country.

3. Rip over the Huskies in the NCAA tournament. This one is especially painful because they show it over and over again. I still think Fremerling played solid D on the play.

2. Seahawks in the Super Bowl. Nevermind the bogus calls, if Jerramy Stevens could catch the Hawks would have a Lombardi trophy right now. Damn you Jerramy!

1. Nuggets over the Sonics 94'. I don't think I will ever fully recover from this one. The Sonics had the best record in the league in the first Jordanless season. Up 2-0 the Sonics lost 3 straight games (2 in overtime) and became the first #1 seed in NBA history to lose to an 8 seed. How embarrassing is that?

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