Saturday, April 24, 2010

If I Were A Pro Athlete Who Would I Be?

Certain positions in the world of sports fit my personality. I would excel at these positions given my mental make up and background. If I were a pro athlete here's who I'd be:

5. NBA 12th man. Great seats, summers off, and all the perks of being an NBA player without the wear and tear on my body.

4. NFL Back up QB. The real unsung leaders of a football team. A guy who knows all the plays and how to execute them. Has to be ready at a moments notice to step in and produce.

3. Professional golfer. Thursday through Sunday shift playing in the sunshine. I could potentially earn $50,000 a weekend.

2. MLB Closer. The terminator, the executioner, the undertaker, whatever you wanna call me is fine. When I enter the game it's the start of your ending. When I leave the game it's a quick interview, sign a couple autographs, and off to the limo.

1. Hockey goalie. The last line of defense. My cat quick reflexes and superior hand eye coordination would make me a hall of famer. Patrick Roy would be just another guy if I played.

1 comment:

  1. I would be a pro soccer player in the english premier league. That way I could travel all over the world fuck that just the US shit.