Saturday, April 17, 2010

Game Time Grub

When you sit down to watch a game you want to snack on something easy, plentiful, and tasty. You don't need a full blown meal however and some variation of finger food is preferable. Game time food is not to be confused with tailgating food which is a discussion for another time. Ribs, steaks, and burgers are too filling. Game time food is simple, something you can eat and watch at the same time. Here are my 5 favorite game time foods.

5. BBQ Chips. Not too salty and no overwhelming flavor.

4. Hot Dogs. Tremendously versatile. Everybody loves hot dogs.

3. Nachos. Be sure you add plenty of cheese. There's nothing more annoying than chips with no toppings.

2. Pizza. Easy to share and they'll bring it to you.

1. Lumpia. The perfect game time food. Crunchy with a sweet sauce and well seasoned meat.

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