Thursday, March 25, 2010

When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong

A bad decision in the sports world can change the fate of a franchise forever. These decisions are most commonly made because of ego, money, or stupidity but wahtever the reason the impact is never forgotten. I bring you the 5 biggest blunders of the last 30 years.

5. The firing of Jimmy Johnson. Jerry Jones let his ego get in the way of winning championships when he removed the most integral part of the Cowboy's success in the middle of the success story. They've never been the same and Jerry is to blame. Ego + stubbornness = disaster most of the time.

4. The firing of Phil Jackson. Players don't win championships, organizations win championships. That was the attitude of the Chicago Bull's front office in the 90's. Michael Jordan, arguably the greatest player in basketball history, said he wouldn't play for Chicago unless Phil Jackson was the coach. When management called his bluff the dynasty was over. I guess they got tired of winning.

3. The Detroit Pistons 2003 draft. With the 2nd pick in the draft the Pistons select Darko Milicic. Joe Dumars owes the city of Detroit a written apology for passing on 3 hall of famers to draft someone that doesn't even average 6 points a game.

2. The Blazers times 2. As if it wasn't bad enough the city of Portland is a curse for big men, they have passed on the future of the NBA twice. Conventional wisdom says take the big man, but common sense says take Michael Jordan or Kevin Durant if they're available.

1. Trading John Smoltz for Doyle Alexander. In 1987 Doyle Alexander went 9-0 down the stretch and the Tigers beat the Blue Jays 7 straight times to win the division. That sounds great, but wouldn't you rather have a hall of fame pitcher for 22 years?

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