Monday, March 15, 2010

Pacquiao the Pretender

Manny Pacquiao's win was unimpressive Saturday night. Beating up on inferior opponents is no way to prove you're the best pound for pound fighter on the planet. It's obvious Pacquiao is afraid to put his legacy on the line against the greatest fighter of this era Floyd Mayweather Jr. As the unofficial spokesman for Floyd I find it embarrassing that a simple blood test is standing in the way of history. Drawing blood takes what, 3 minutes? Would any of us let 3 minutes stand in the way of $40,000,000? Is that even a legitimate question? Fear is the only thing stopping us from watching these 2 champions square off in the ring. The fear that Pacquiao will be overwhelmed by the superior skills of Mayweather. Make no mistake about it these 2 opponents are not equals. Floyd is the bigger, stronger, faster fighter. Floyd's resume is more impressive. Floyd was more dominant in his signature fights. Floyd has no losses. Floyd has no flaws. There is no place for girlie men in the sport of boxing. If you say you're the best then fight the best. The fans want to see the peoples champ vs. the trash talking villain. Rocky Balboa vs. Clubber Lang. It will be hard to see the hero exposed and vulnerable, but that's the nature of the sport. True champions embrace the challenge and answer all questions in the ring. They duck no one. If this was a nice guy contest Pacquiao would win hands down. He's a humanitarian, a politician, and a gentleman. This is boxing however and Floyd's the better fighter. 2 signatures is all we need to prove this point. To all my Pinoy partners, my Filipino homies, and Pacquiao fans worldwide please find Manny some courage juice so we can resolve this thing once and for all. The anticipation is killing me.

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