Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Time Has Come For Attica Inmates in the UFC

The UFC claims to have the best fighters in the world, but do they really? A part of me can't help but wonder if the toughest fights don't occur behind bars in prisons across the United States. Let us not forget the movie Undisputed was made after Mike Tyson got his ass whipped in an Indiana penitentiary by some random inmate. The fact of the matter is some prisoners are so dangerous prison guards won't even approach them with night sticks and mace. You gotta think someone that has to be caged up for the safety of mankind is more than capable of beating down the likes of Brock Lesner, Anderson Silva, and Chuck Liddell. Next season the Ultimate Fighter should have team Attica vs. Team San Quentin to determine who will be the next UFC star. The losers go back to their cells and the winner gets exploited for a few years. Viewership goes up, sponsorship goes up, and revenues go up. Dana White might actually entertain this idea if he wasn't afraid his fighters would get exposed like Kimbo Slice did. Ask yourself, would you rather fight the toughest guy in the UFC or the toughest guy in Sing Sing?

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