Monday, March 29, 2010

Hip-Hop Game Changer: Big Daddy Kane

A taste of chocolate, the smooth operator, the prince of darkness. The Big Daddy Kane changed the landscape of hip-hop with his smooth lyrics and sophisticated style. At a time when most MC's were sporting hoodies, ball caps, shell toed Adidas, cut off khaki's, and house shoes BDK gave us 3 pice suits and Now N' Later Gators. He was Brooklyn's finest before Biggie or Jay-z and had just the right blend of dance and dope vocals. The high top fade and the four finger ring define an era when hip-hop was becoming more self conscious and less confrontational. Ain't no half steppin, The Wrath of Kane, and The Symphony (parts I and II) are classics that will never be forgotten. If the Big Daddy Kane's not in your top 20 all time you need to re-think your list.


  1. What up Von...can't really argue with this post, though there are a few in the past that I might have had a strong opinion on...I'll let those be for now. Anyway, here's a question/suggestion...what are the top 5 solo debut albums of all time? No groups allowed, so no NWA, Wu Tang, etc. Let us know what you're thinking...

  2. After much deliberation on this subject I bring you the top 5 solo debut albums of all time.

    5. Redman Whut the album.
    4. Icecube Americas Most Wanted.
    3. Jay-Z Reasonable Doubt.
    2. Nas Illmatic.
    1, Notorious Big Ready to Die.

    Let me know your thoughts.