Monday, March 15, 2010

Joe Johnson is a 2nd Fiddle

The verdict is in, Joe Johnson is not a franchise player. He doesn't have the personality or consistency to be considered an NBA elite. He certainly talked the talk when he left his cushy job in Phoenix to be the man in ATL. Everyone thought he was a player to build around. You can build around Joe so long as he is not the main piece of the puzzle. He can do without the pressure of bringing it every night. Just because you have the talent doesn't mean you want the responsibility of being a superstar. Unless you're a point guard a franchise player has to believe the team revolves around them. A franchise player has to believe they are the best player on the court. Joe Johnson is a superstar in the making, but he is reluctant to turn the corner. Atlanta would be wise to let him go in free agency so he can return to his natural role as a 2nd fiddle. If they keep him without getting an alpha dog they will regret it later.

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