Sunday, March 28, 2010

When Keeping it Real Goes Right

A bad decision in the sports world can change the fate of a franchise. A gutsy call can change the fate as well. These decisions are most commonly made because of genius, instinct, or dumb luck but whatever the reason the impact is never forgotten. I bring you the 5 gutsiest calls of the last 30 years.

5. Kobe over Shaq. It seemed like a no brainer to take the more mature, dominant player over the young, arrogant prima donna. Instead Jerry Buss stood by his Michael Jordan clone and the Lakers are better for it.

4. Firing Tom Landry for Jimmy Johnson. Jerry Jones makes both sides of the list. Having the audacity to fire a living legend in the state of Texas and replace him with a brash, cocky college coach was the gamble of a lifetime and paid huge dividends.

3. The drafting of Larry Bird. Pure genius on Red's part to take Larry bird before his senior season. What a visionary to see the skills so far in advance.

2. Dwight Howard over Emeka Okafor. Who would turn down the college player of the year and national champion for a high schooler? The Orlando Magic that's who. If they listened to the so called experts they'd be stuck with an injury prone has been.

1. Letting Bill Parcells go. If you're gonna ask me to cook the least you could do is let me buy the groceries. Instead of turning over the franchise to Bill Parcells Mr. Kraft stuck to his principles and eventually ended up with Bellichick. It took big kahunas to stand up to the Big Tuna.

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