Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend Observations

On Saturday I made the cardinal sin of a true sports fan.  With the Brooklyn Nets up 14 in the 4th quarter I assumed the game was over and walked out on the game.  I did some odd chores, talked on the phone, and when I came back the score was tied.  What made this even worse is the performance of 206 native Nate Robinson.  He single handedly brought the Bulls back and I missed a large portion of his heroics.  I learned my lesson during the Knicks game when Ray Felton was "en fuego", but the feeling wasn't the same.  Those kind of performances always have more meaning when you have an affinity for the player that is in the zone.  The moral of this story is don't turn away from NBA playoff basketball.  Amazing can happen at any time.  Here are some observations over the weekend.

Jon "Bones" Jones is a BEAST!  Not sure if you saw the fight (or the highlights) of the beatdown Chael Sonnen received, but Jones is lethal with his knees and elbows.  I feel sorry for the a$$ kicking Sonnen was exposed to.  I'm starting to think Anderson Silva may not want to get in the octagon with him after all.

The NFL draft was incredibly boring.  No big names, no dynamic running backs, and no franchise quarterbacks were taken with significant picks.  It's hard to get excited about lineman after lineman being selected.  Hopefully these teams know what they're doing.  I guess it's better to draft a sure thing than it is to reach on a player with potential that put up big numbers in college. 

Nepotism has surfaced in the NFL.  The son of Chris Carter will get a tryout with the Minnesota Vikings and the son of Joe Montana will get a look from the San Francisco 49ers.  Who says the name on the back of your jersey doesn't mean anything!  I seriously doubt either player would get a tryout if their name was Smith or Johnson.  We'll see if they pan out.

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