Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekend Observations

the first weekend of the NBA playoffs has proven to be uneventful.  The Heat are on cruise control as they steamroll the Bucks, San Antonio will have no problem with the Lakers without the Black Mamba, Memphis and Los Angeles will go 7 as expected, Atlanta is outmatched against Indiana, OKC doesn't miss James Harden (in this round), Brooklyn has too many shooters for the Bulls, and Carmelo Anthony is a scoring machine that Boston can't handle right now.  The only series in question other than Memphis/Los Angeles is the series between Golden St. and Denver.  Golden St. let a "golden" opportunity slip through their fingers on Saturday and without David Lee for the rest of the playoffs their future looks bleak.  In all honesty I expected Steph Curry to step up more than he did, but he looked overwhelmed turning the ball over like an AAU 8th grade point guard.  Perhaps we were giving him too much credit too early.  The playoffs have a way of exposing player for who they really are.  Still and yet the Warriors are going up against a George Karl coached team which means one slight adjustment could tip the scales back in their favor.  Here are some observations over the weekend.

Revis Island has moved to the Bay area.  Thank goodness it's not San Francisco, but the signing of Darrelle Revis by Tampa is going to pose a problem for the Seahawks in years to come.  Richard Sherman thinks he's better than Revis and with the bar set at $16,000,000 per season it's hard to believe the Seahawks will be able to keep him long term.  Stay tuned.

What do Jason Terry, Nate Robinson, Avery Bradley, and Jamal Crawford all have in common?  They're all major contributors to playoff teams this year.  Oh yeah, and they're all from the 206.  It may rain a lot in Seattle, but that just gives hoopers more time to work on their game.

Novak Djokovic vs. Rafael Nadal is the new rivalry in men's tennis.  It used to be Nadal/Federer, but those days are gone.  Djokovic put an end to Nadal's dominance on clay over the weekend and barring injury these two will probably meet for the 2013 French Open title.  I give a slight edge to Nadal.

How cool was it to have Neil Diamond come out and sing Sweet Caroline for the Boston Red Sox fans on Saturday.  Even if the sound was a little off it was truly a heart felt gesture and you could tell the fans appreciated it.  As for Big Papi?  It was interesting to see him stand up and claim the city of Boston as his own.  Looks like he wants to retire in a Red Sox uniform.

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