Friday, April 12, 2013

Mamba B3TZ

Los Angeles Lakers vs. Golden St.

The Los Angeles Lakers have played with a sense of urgency in their last 2 games.  Perhaps it's starting to sink in they may not make the playoffs if they don't come up with a heroic effort down the stretch.  Kobe Bryant is carrying the Lakers on his back like a camel in the desert right now, but how long can this last?  I know he's one of the 10 greatest players of all time, but even legends run out of steam.  It's unrealistic to expect someone that has logged as many minutes as Kobe to continue pulling rabbits out of a hat.  33 points here, 47 points there, and eventually the magic wears off.  Unfortunately his so called teammates haven't picked up the slack and that may be the Lakers downfall.  The good news is they catch Golden St. coming off a game last night (you know how I feel about that) so it's quite possible the Warriors won't have much fight left in them.  The bad news is Kobe needs a rest from his one man show.  I think the Lakers lose tonight and Kobe has a decent, but not a great game.  He'll score in the mid 20's, but nothing spectacular.  At least not by Kobe Bryant standards.

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