Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Seahawks Road To The Super Bowl

If you're asking yourself why I'm talking about football in April it's because I live in a city where the football team has Super Bowl aspirations.  When you have that distinction it's football season all year round!  The draft is coming up tomorrow, but the Hawks don't have a 1st round pick so the excitement isn't quite the same as in years past.  Of course they did pick up a franchise quarterback in the 3rd round last year so maybe I should pay closer attention.  At least the Hawks were able to lock up strong safety Cam Chancellor for a few more years on Tuesday which is an important piece if you're talking dynasty (which I am).  The other pieces will have to wait patiently to be rewarded for their stellar play.

The NFL schedule came out last week and as you might expect I've already mapped out the road to the Super Bowl.  It's a simple plan so long as the Hawks are who I think they are.  Here is my prediction on how the season will pan out.

Week 1 At Carolina:  Sets the tone for the whole season.  We go across the country and smash up Superman.  WIN

Week 2 San Francisco:  The Hawks let the 49ers know real early who's the favorite in the NFC West.  WIN

Week 3  Jacksonville:  A flawless victory Mortal Combat Style.  Russell Wilson might throw for 300 and rush for 200.  WIN

Week 4  At Houston:  Not the easiest game in the world, but not impossible either.  Hopefully the Hawks defense can slow down Arian Foster.  WIN

Week 5 At Indianapolis:  The Colts have no running game, but they were a playoff team last year and Lucas Oil Stadium is a tough place to play.  ROUGH

Week 6 Tennessee:  Jake Locker is going to have an embarrassing homecoming.  The Hawks might score 50 points in this game.  WIN

Week 7 At Arizona:  Carson Palmer?  I don't think so.  Hawks in a rout.  WIN

Week 8 At St. Louis:  The Rams are an improved team, but without Steven Jackson they won't have much of an identity and Sam Bradford hasn't proved he's big time yet.  WIN

Week 9 Tampa Bay:  What are the chances of the Bucs (even with Darrelle Revis) traveling across the country and coming up with a win at the CLINK?  Hawks in a rout.  WIN

Week 10 At Atlanta:  Deep down I think the Hawks will have their vengeance for last year's playoff game loss, but I'll stay conservative.  This will be a difficult game.  ROUGH

Week 11 Minnesota:  Adrian Peterson runs over us consistently, but Cristian Ponder throws the ball right back to us.  Plus they no longer have Percy Harvin.  WIN

Week 12 BYE:  A little late in the season, but maybe that's a good thing

Week 13 New Orleans:  Our Defense will hold them to 20, but our offense will score 40.  WIN

Week 14 At San Francisco:  The 49ers will feel uncomfortable about looking up at the Seahawks atop the NFC West and the Bay Area fans will try their best to will their team to victory.  ROUGH

Week 15 At New York Giants:  Traveling across the country and probably playing a desperate Giants team.  Can't say for sure how this one will turn out.  ROUGH

Week 16  Arizona:  Carson Palmer?  Hawks in a rout.  WIN

Week 17  St. Louis:  It's quite possible we will need this game to secure home field advantage throughout the playoffs.  The Rams will put up a good fight, but not good enough to win.  WIN

There you have it, a 12 win season.  Most years that's good enough to get at least a first round bye if not home field advantage all the way to the Super Bowl.  That will be a key element in determining whether or not the Hawks will achieve their ultimate goal.  Of course if anything happens to Russell Wilson all bets are off.

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