Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Boston Has My Sympahty

I wasn't going to blog today.  I didn't think my grandiose, trash talking, know it all personality was appropriate given the tragic events of yesterday.  Although I like to pretend that the sports world is the center of the universe I am very cognizant of its actual importance in the grand scheme of things.  Jumpers, home runs, draft status, failed drug tests, and submission holds lose their significance when parents lose their 8 year old son watching a race.  Even I'm not that self absorbed.

It's hard to put into perspective how I feel when something like this happens.  Emotions range from anger to sadness to fear to vengeance.  You want to know who did this so they can be punished Pulp Fiction medieval style.  You want to know what was the motivation behind this cowardly act.  You then realize the justice you desire may never come to fruition and the long term effects will be substantial.

Most people feel safe at sporting events, but I wonder if that will change.  It isn't out of the realm of possibility that this kind of terrorism ends up sparking the brain of some lunatic wanting his 15 minutes of fame by causing a similar situation.  As a society there are few things that bring as many people together at the same time as a sporting event.

I won't dwell on the dangerous possibilities that face the country, but it would be irresponsible not to acknowledge them.  It's easy to live in fear, but much more difficult to have faith the powers that be will control the environment.  Hopefully the peace of mind we all share attending sporting events isn't gone forever.  I'll get back to the light stuff tomorrow, but today everyone (if they haven't already) should take a moment to think about the innocent victims of the Boston Marathon tragedy. 

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