Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekend Observations

The good news is the Boston Celtics snapped their 6 game losing streak and spoiled the triumphant return of Ray Allen.  The bad news is they lost Rajon Rondo for the remainder of the season with a torn ACL.  Although Rondo is a difficult personality and somewhat underrated as a point guard his leadership and his role as the floor general will be sorely missed.  There's little or no chance the Celtics will make the playoffs and now the question becomes will they blow the team up and start over.  I wonder if Danny Ainge has the heart to trade Paul Pierce or Kevin Garnett.  I doubt it.

As for my B3TZ game?  I came from way back and won 8 of my last 9 B3TZ's but it wasn't enough to stop the juggernaut that is Danielle Tran.  I don't know where Danielle came from, but she's on fire lately.  Dare I say I have a new arch nemesis to battle me at my own game!  She's setting the standard right now.  Congrats to Bob Smith for coming in 3rd place.  Any of you guys that aren't scared to battle the great Cleavie Wonder please feel free to step up and take your shot at Cleavie's Platinum picks.  Here are some observations over the weekend.

As predicted Novak Djokovic made short work of Andy Murray to win the first grand slam of the season in Australia.  It will not be his last.

If Cody Zeller isn't careful Mason Plumlee might overtake him for college player of the year.  Plumlee displayed tremendous athletic ability in Duke's win over Maryland on Saturday and even got a technical for taunting.  I like it!

Tiger Woods is on the verge of winning his 7th Farmers Insurance Open title.  At this point in his career he's measured by the number of majors he wins, but that doesn't mean the other tournaments don't count.  Winning a professional event 7 times is kind of ridiculous.

I watched Rampage Jackson get the snot piss kicked out of him on Saturday and after watching the same thing happen to BJ Penn last month it's obvious the MMA is no place for aging fighters past their prime.  I hope this dangerous trend doesn't continue.

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