Thursday, January 31, 2013

Is San Francisco A Sports Fan's Heaven?

Without question the hottest sports town in the country is San Francisco.  For two years straight the Bay Area has been the epicenter of the sports world.  First it was Lincecum and Brian Wilson taking out the mighty Texas Rangers in 2010.  Then the 49ers almost won the NFC championship game.  Then Matt Cain and Buster Posey embarrassed Justin Verlander and the Tigers and now the Niners are playing in the Super Bowl.  That's a pretty illustrious run. 

San Francisco sports fans have a legitimate chance to follow a championship caliber team all year  long.  That doesn't mean I want to be them or jump on their bandwagon, but few cities have ever experienced this phenomenon.  Boston, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Los Angeles have experienced it, but those cities had dominant teams in at least one sport.  Frisco teams seem to fly under the radar until you come to the realization they're in the big game.  They have the element of surprise on their side and the city seems to embrace the role of under dog.

San Francisco is the complete opposite of those cities that have a one trick pony.  Oklahoma City, Sacramento, Salt Lake City, and San Antonio only have the basketball season to focus on.  Arlington, St. Louis, and Detroit are totally focused on baseball.  Seattle, Green Bay, and Baltimore are totally focused on football.  Whether the 49ers win or lose Super Bowl XLVII Frisco only has to wait 7 weeks to dust off their Buster Posey jerseys and start their quest for another title.

Jealousy is not an emotion I possess so it's easy for me to acknowledge how cool it must be to live in a city that has preliminary plans for a championship parade twice a year.  It keeps the city positive and optimistic all year long and everybody seems to get along better when there's a common bond everyone shares.  In the back of my mind I know both teams are highly overrated, but at the same time you can't argue with the success they've had.  I don't wish them luck, but I don't hate on them either.  If you're a true sports fan there's no place like Frisco right now. 


  1. Ahhh, Mr Wonder. Two things. 1. please stop this: "Frisco". 2. Cain and Posey were far from the keys to the 2012 World Series. Think Zito, Volgelsong, Scutaro and Romo. Maybe a touch of Timmmy. Ok. As you were.

  2. I still haven't forgiven Roger Goodell for not allowing the Saints to make an honest run at a home game Super Bowl.

    Since Niners knocked New Orleans from the playoffs last season, I can't bring myself to see San Francisco win on Sunday. So, I'm really hoping Baltimore is victorious.

    Should be a good one, regardless.

  3. @Anonymous: Thanks for the read. Apparently Frisco is not the proper term for the city. I'll let that one go. As for the post season? There were many players that contributed, but I think ultimately most of the praise has to go to the team's best players. We'll see what this season has in store for the defending champs!

  4. @Don: Thanks for the read. It will come down to Baltimore's ability to stop Kaepernick. If he gets out and runs like he did against Green Bay they have no chance. If they can keep him in the pocket their odds increase exponentially. I'm from Seattle so I know how you feel about the Niners!