Thursday, January 3, 2013

NFC Playoff Predictions

Minnesota +7 1/2 over Green Bay

If you listen to Valyncia Jennings the Packers lost a first round bye in the playoffs because Aaron Rodgers (2011 Super Bowl MVP and NFL MVP) doesn't know what the hell he's doing and didn't throw to her brother enough.  If you listen to Valyncia's twitter rants you'd swear she was the greatest offensive mind since Bill Walsh.  Greg Jennings is pretty good, but he's not all that!  I mean, he's not Megatron or anything.  If Valyncia were paying closer attention she'd realize the Packers lost because they got run over by a one man wrecking machine named Adrian Peterson.  The Packers defense won't be any better by Saturday and in fact their bodies might not have enough time to recover from the beating they took last Sunday.  Although this game is in Green Bay I don't see the results being any different.  Adrian will run all day and the Vikings will pull off the upset (or at least cover).

Seattle +3 over Washington

RGIII says his knee is feeling better.  Unfortunately his improved health will be the source of his demise.  It will give him a false sense of security that the read option can be effective against the Seahawk defense.  Earl Thomas and Cam Chancellor will cut off the running lanes while Richard Sherman and Brandon Browner shut down passing lanes.  RGIII has had a magical season, but he'll soon realize the Seahawks are the biggest, strongest, fastest defense he's seen all year.  He'll have no answer for the pressure.

Meanwhile Russell Wilson is starting to look like Neo in the Matrix.  Every week he discovers some new move that he can add to his skill set.  Right now he has too many weapons in his arsenal for the 28th ranked defense (30th against the pass) to shut down.  The Hawks can score at least 24 points and I doubt the Redskins can set past 20.  You do the math.

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