Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Seahawks Will Win The Battle Of The Birds

When listening to the national media it's pretty obvious people don't know what to make of the team from South Alaska.  They see what's going on with their own two eyes, but it doesn't equate for them.  They watch Marshawn Lynch run over people, Russell Wilson confuse defenses, and Earl Thomas cover the  field like a blanket, yet they still question the resolve of the Seattle Seahawks.  Is this fair?

Of curse not.  If the Seahawks played in New York, Chicago, or LA the media attention would be ten fold.  Russell Wilson would be hosting Saturday Night Live.  Marshawn Lynch would be on Jimmy Kimmel.  Pete Carroll would be endorsing Viagra.  The playoffs are not a popularity contest however and fans in the 206 don't care what other people think about our beloved Hawks.  Talk all the sh*t you want, but when Seattle serves up some deep fried Falcon scattered, covered, smothered, and chunked the world will see things differently.

Matt Ryan is going to get well acquainted with Bruce Irvin while Roddy White and Julio Jones get pushed around like rag dolls.  There will be coverage sack a plenty.  The loss to the Seahawks may very well cost Mike Smith his job leaving the Atlanta franchise searching for answers and new leadership.  Ordinarily I would have sympathy for someone in his position, but there's no time to get all sentimental.  The Hawks are on a mission to get to the Super Bowl and the Falcons are just another obstacle in their path.  Seahawks 26, Falcons 19.  Anyone disagree?

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