Monday, January 14, 2013

Diary Of A Seahawk Fanatic

Even as I write these words I'm still in disbelief.  The Seattle Seahawks football season is over.  Right now the 206 is in such a state of depression there's a shortage of xanax in the town.  All I want to do is lay in my bed, eat clam chowder, and listen to Sade.  I'm feeling like Marcus Graham when he got dumped by Jacqueline in Boomerang.  I'm emotionally spent.  I don't want to listen to the radio, watch ESPN, or read the newspapers.  It was painful enough to watch the first time.  Why do I need to re-hash that anguish?  It's bad enough I can't pretend it didn't happen.

Since the Chicago game seven weeks ago I've been firmly convinced the Seahawks were going to the Super Bowl.  I watched the team get better every week and didn't see a more balanced  team in the league.  Aside from the injuries to Chris Clemons (which proved to be extremely costly) and Steven Hauschka the team remained relatively healthy.  I figured a dominant running game, a stingy defense, physical corners, and a talented quarterback was the formula for success.

I've been so absolute in my conviction I already made plans for the Super Bowl parade.  I took time off from work, picked out my vantage point, and made reservations at a local restaurant.  I even had tentative plans to head down to Frisco this weekend to watch them beat the Niners.  It's never occurred to me for ONE SECOND there was a possibility they could actually lose.  This all or nothing mentality inevitably lends itself to extreme disappointment when the ultimate goal isn't achieved.

For those of you that aren't die hard sports fans it probably sounds insane I could let a football game affect me to this extent.  I don't play the game, the outcome has no bearing on my day to day living, the world has more pressing issues, and my time could be better spent teaching kids to read or helping the elderly.  For those people all I can say is I am what I am.

It's too early to look on the bright side, but when I get around to it I'll realize the window of opportunity is still open for the Seahawks.  They have the 2nd youngest team in the league, a franchise quarterback, an all pro safety, and a coach the team believes in.  I'm still drunk off the Pete Carroll Kool-Aid and like Amy Winehouse I'm not ready to go to rehab.  This team isn't going anywhere and the league better take notice.

The optimistic outlook for the future doesn't help my current state of mind however.  For now I'll wallow in self pity and ponder what could have been.  Super Bowls are hard to come by so when you have a team that's capable of hoisting the Lomardi trophy you have to take advantage.  If the Seahawks weren't so good it wouldn't hurt so bad.  The gift and the curse I guess.  Time to hibernate for the winter.  Call me on draft day.

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