Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekend Observations

Without question the biggest sotry of the weekend is the injury to MVP point guard Derrick Rose.  Rose tore his ACL in the final minute of the Bulls win over Philadelphia and will be sidelined for nine months.  The injury all but guarantees the Miami Heat will win the Eastern Conference and decimates Team USA going into the Olympics.  Without their starting point guard and center the gold medal is no longer a foregone conclusion.

  The more serious question however is how the injury will affect the career and legacy of Derrick Rose.  As we all know most players don't return from this injury with the same explosiveness as before the injury.  Tim Hardaway and Chris Paul changed their games successfully, but so much of Rose's game is about quickness and athleticism it's hard to say if he will be able to make the same adjustments.  It's all speculation of course and I'm not a doctor so I have my fingers crossed Derrick Rose will come back good as new.  The league desperately needs him.  Here are some other observations over the weekend.

Apparently the NBA refs don't understand the meaning of playoff intensity.  The games are going to be more physical and the players are going to express themselves more.  The refs are oversensitive and their attitude is affecting the outcome of games.  David Stern should have a talk with them.

Kevin Durant added playoff game winning shot to his basketball resume and I for one couldn't be happier for him.  Of course the Sonic fan in me wants to cry like a little girl and throw rocks at Clay Bennett's house.  Something tells me KD will make me feel this way again before the playoffs is over.

My man Chris Polk got the short end of the stick during the NFL draft this weekend.  20 running backs were picked before him and Polk had to settle for a free agent contract from the Philadelphia Eagles.  Good news is he goes to a team with Super Bowl aspiriations.  Bad news is he lost millions of dollars in the process.

The Washington Huskies were stingy on defense in their spring game this Satrurday.  Given the problems the defense has had in the past this is a good sign for the future.  If they can shut down Keith Price and Austin Seferian-Jenkins it should be a promising season.

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