Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekend Observations

I haven't watched a hockey game all season. After the banana throwing incident last year my conscience wouldn't allow me to follow a sport where people of color are treated with such disrespect. When the NHL playoffs began however I started to get curious about the match ups, especially the Vancouver Canucks. I had fun witnessing the melee last year and wouldn't have minded going back up to Canada for a second helping. Just when I was willing to turn the other cheek and assemble my riot gear the Canucks trail the Los Angeles Kings 0-3 in their best of seven series. Guess I'll have to wait until Seattle gets a NHL franchise to become a puck lover once again. I'm pretty sure they won't throw bananas in the 206. If so it's time for Cleavie Wonder to move. Here's some observations over the weekend.

Jackie Robinson day is one of the coolest things in sports. The tribute is well deserved and the participation seems very genuine. I wonder if someday MLB will do the same thing for Roberto Clemente.

The San Francisco Giants suffered a major blow losing closer Brian Wilson for the season. The Giants struggled last year when they lost Buster Posey and the Wilson loss will probably have the same effect. With the Dodgers playing lights out right now the Giants might be buried by June. Stay tuned.

During halftime of the Miami Heat/New York Knicks game Magic Johnson said the Heat won't win the championship because the players are too good of friends and no one is willing to get in some one's face when they're doing something wrong. As much as I would like to disagree with Magic his criticism is spot on. It's hard to argue with someone that played for the championship 9 times in 12 years. I still think the Heat will win the championship. They are the anomaly of all anonalies

Jennifer Capriati is being inducted into the tennis Hall of Fame. Although she burst onto the tennis circuit at a young age she never had a dominant period in her career. I think the voters are being charitable with this selection.

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