Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Seahawks Schedule Looks Scary

The 2012 season schedule for the Seattle Seahawks was just released and I for one am a little concerned. At first glance it doesn't look like the Hawks will make the playoffs, but then again it's only Mid April. There's still this thing called the NFL draft coming up, another thing called training camp, and a well known phenomenon referred to as untimely injuries. The crystal ball doesn't project that far out and the Seahawks opponents could look vastly different by the time we play them. For now this is how I see the season unfolding.

HOME GAMES: (In no particular order)

Dallas loss
Arizona win
St. Louis win
Green Bay loss
Minnesota win
New England loss
San Francisco win
New York Jets win

ROAD GAMES: (In no particular order)

Miami win
Buffalo win
Detroit loss
Arizona win
Chicago loss
Carolina loss
St. Louis win
San Francisco loss

On paper that's a 9-7 record which is two games better than last season. The rebuilding process takes time and right now I'm pleased with the progress. Hopefully the Matt Flynn era will be an exciting one. Nevertheless it's hard going into the season with no real expectation of making the playoffs unless the schedule turns out to be far easier than anticipated. Your thoughts?

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