Friday, April 27, 2012

Draft Day Drama

I never attended a Seattle Seahawks draft day party until yesterday.  Usually I sit around with a couple of friends (real football know it alls) and critique the picks one by one.  I had no idea what to expect so when I entered the venue and saw thousands of rabid Seahawk fans decked out in their favorite player's jersey I started to get pumped up.  I wanted the Hawks to pick the tackling machine out of Boston College, but Carolina snagged him with the 9th pick.  I was hoping Dontari Poe would still be available, but the Chiefs picked him up one spot in front of us.  When it was announced Seattle traded their pick to Philadelphia I started to get nervous.

The crowd was buzzing with anticipation as the Seahawks were on the clock and no one really knew which direction the team would go in.  When the commissioner called the name of Bruce Irvin you could hear a pin drop in that place.  Everyone was in shock wondering what the hell Pete Carroll was doing.  I watch a lot of football and I never heard of the guy so I was deeply concerned.  After doing my research I realized the pick was pure genius.

Bruce Irvin was the best pass rusher in the draft (something the Seahawks desperately need) and ran a 4.4 at the scouting combine.  His draft position fell because of some off the field issues, but most of that stuff happened in high school.  Irvin is a guy coach Carroll recruited at USC so he knows this kid inside and out.  This is exactly why the Seahawks hired Pete, to get players he's familiar with so he can get the most out of them.  His ability to find talent and cultivate their skills sets him apart from everyone else.

This is a make or break pick for coach Carroll.  It will let us know whether Pete is a mad scientist or a snake oil salesman.  Those that believe in Pete will sit back and trust his instincts and his critics will pounce on the first opportunity to point out his mistakes.  I for one am still on board with the Pete program drinking the kool-aid, but if Irvin is not who Pete says he is I will start to question his decision making.  Of course if he picks Chris Polk in the later rounds my bandwagon seat is permanent.  Good luck today Seahawks!

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