Thursday, April 19, 2012

Larry Brown: What's In A Name?

SMU doesn't have a strong basketball tradition. Everyone knows the state of Texas is all about football and the hardwood gets very little attention. UT and Baylor overshadow the Mustangs and top recruits pay them no mind. In an effort to change the perception of their program SMU went out and hired Hall of Fame coach Larry Brown. Was it a good move?

Absolutely not. At 71 years old Larry Brown is a fossil. He hasn't coached college basketball in almost 25 years. He's used to coaching grown men who are paid professionals not kids worried about mid terms and study hall. He will have a difficult time communicating with his players.

In addition, Larry Brown is a nomad. He rarely stays at one place for very long and his commitment to a team changes like the weather. There's no way Larry Brown can provide stability or trust to a program that desperately needs it.

No one can question Larry Brown's ability to coach. He's probably forgotten more basketball than most people know and his track record speaks for itself. He's won a national championship, an NBA championship, and coached Allen Iverson in his MVP season. That doesn't mean SMU is the right place at the right time. Hopefully he can land some big recruits before he pulls the plug on this experiment. If I know Larry Brown like I think I know Larry Brown he won't last two seasons. SMU deserves better.

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