Friday, December 24, 2010

Young Sam Rothstein's Corner

After going 4 for 4 last Thursday I had a few minor setbacks on Sunday. Dallas couldn't hold their water against Rex "Gross" Grossman and the Redskins. They were up 30-14 late in the 3rd quarter and gave up 16 unanswered points. I went against my own rule which is taking a team with no playoff aspirations giving up more than 6 points. I won't beat myself up too much about that one. The other slip was taking New Orleans on the road. The Ravens defense didn't really stop them, but the Saints defense gave up 30 points. That's a statistical anomaly for Baltimore so again I won't beat myself up too much about that one either. When you're betting on human performance it's an inexact science and strange things happen. So long as I stay above 75% (which I have) we'll all continue to make money. Here's your winning games over the weekend.

St. Louis -2 1/2 over San Francisco. Coming off 2 straight losses the Rams need this game to stay in the playoff hunt. I look for the Rams defense and Sam Bradford to have a big game.

Indy -3 over Oakland. Joseph Addai is back and Jacksonville is breathing down their necks. Peyton will have that balance he's been missing for months and will shred the Raiders to pieces.

Jacksonville -7 over Washington. Unlike last week the Redskins are on the road against a team fighting for a playoff spot. I don't see Rex Grossman throwing for 4 touchdowns again. Look for the Jacksonville defense to have a field day..

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