Thursday, December 16, 2010

Suite Tickets Or General Admission?

One of my readers is getting some Seahawk tickets for her boyfriend for Christmas and asked me the question would I prefer suite tickets or general admission tickets to a game. Generally speaking I like to lounge in my own space with all the amenities at my disposal. TV's, couches, and beverages beats plastic seats and people stepping on your feet. The more I thought about it however the more I started to realize there are some instances where general admission is better.


If your seats are between the 35 yard lines and your 1-30 rows from the field (barring rain, snow, or blistering wind) general admission is better.


If your seats are behind the plate 1-10 rows from the field or on the 1st or 3rd base line 1-10 rows from the field general admission is better. Plus there's foul ball potential.


If your seats are 1-15 rows from the court general admission is better. Courtside seats (especially at mid court) are the best seats in all of sports. Ringside at a fight might be better, but I've never sat close enough to get snot or blood on me.


If your seats are 1-10 rows from the ice general admission is better. It's quite entertaining when the action along the glass comes towards you.

The bigger the game the better it is to be in general admission. It's ok to sacrifice a few rows because the electricity of the crowd and the magnitude of the moment is was sports is all about. At the end of the day it's about sharing the experience with fellow fans. You don't have to be a snob if it's a championship game. Food for thought.

On a side note, my trash talking fantasy football league is true to its name still talking trash. The commish got knocked out of the playoffs on a last second touchdown by Andre Johnson on Monday (sorry Mr. Majestic) and we're down to the final four. The favorite is my arch nemesis Rufus Porter. He actually made the call to pick up Arian Foster before anyone even knew who that was. Two teams don't stand a chance, Wes'Side and Lights out#56. I don't know how the hell either one of those teams even made the playoffs. The dark horse is TJ Mac. He's a wheeler and dealer and always seems to have the right personnel on the field at the right time. If I had my Young Sam Rothstein cap on I'd pick Rufus Porter, but if I had my Cleavie the Greek smoking jacket on I'd follow my hunch and pick TJ Mac. Maybe it's bitterness from a decade long rivalry with Rufus, but I think TJ has something in store for the favorite. I'll keep you posted about the results.

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