Monday, December 20, 2010

Weekend Observations

It looks like we've come to the end of the road in the world of fantasy football. This last weekend left a bitter taste in my mouth. Once again my receivers (Brandon Tate and Derrick Mason) failed to show up on Sunday and combined for 4 total points. I also finally realize that Reggie Bush is garbage without the Kardashian chick at his side and I doubt he will ever be a marquee player in the NFL again (unless he goes to the Seahawks). The good news is I still have Adrian Peterson going tonight. The bad news is he's playing on a surface the the Vikings punter said was "suicide" to play on and I'm 59 points down. It's time to let the dream go. I had fun this season and I learned a lot. I'll share my thoughts with you on my fantasy experience Wednesday. Here are some observations from the weekend.

The NFL:

The Pittsburgh Steelers are mere mortals without Troy Polamalu. They can win games without Big Ben, but when Mr. Head and Shoulders doesn't play they are very vulnerable. It would be wise to rest him for the playoffs.

DeSean Jackson is going to be a problem. It's safe to say that after the dramatic punt return for a touchdown to win the game against the Giants DeSean Jackson is one of the top 5 most explosive players in football. That also means he's grossly underpaid. Prepare for a contract dispute next season.

Donovan McNabb will not be a Redskin and Matt Hasselbeck will not be a Seahawk next season. I'm stating the obvious aren't I?

The NBA:

The Orlando Magic's acquisition of Gilbert Arenas, Jason Richardson, and Hedo Turkoglu will make the Magic better, just not good enough to win the Eastern conference.

The Miami Heat can party like rock stars in New York all night and still have enough left in the tank to beat a under maned Washignton Wizards squad. There is no substitute for youth.

Coach Paul Westphal will not make it to the new year.

College Basketball:

The lack of attention the UConn women's basketball team received for winning its 88th consecutive game shows how much gender bias still exists in the media.

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