Saturday, October 30, 2010

Vick The Viking

Michael Vick will not be a Philadelphia Eagle next season. It is always a good for a football team to have an adequate back up, but if the back up is good enough to start in the league eventually they will move on (Matt Cassel, Matt Schaub). The conservative options for Michael Vick are Jacksonville and Carolina. Both teams are in desperate need of an upgrade at the quarterback position and both cities have a demographic that would be more forgiving of his dog fighting past.
The sexy, glamorous pick is the Minnesota Vikings. Brett Favre is on his last legs (literally) and Tavaris Jackson isn't ready to take the reins of an NFL franchise. Can you imagine an offense with Michael Vick, Randy Moss, Percy Harvin, Sidney Rice, and Adrian Peterson? Explosive would be an understatement. It's an easy transition considering head coach Brad Childress is the former offensive coordinator for the Philadelphia Eagles. The play calling and the terminology is virtually the same.

Minnesota knows their window of opportunity to win a Super Bowl is only open for 2 more years which is the reason they keep begging Brett Favre to come back. Michael Vick has shown he's put his off the field issues behind him and can still play football at a high level. I know the fans of Minnesota are dog loving folk and may not embrace Vick right away, but winning cures all things. Michael Vick gives the Minnesota Vikings the best chance to win a Super Bowl. With Vick at the helm the odds are 2-1. Stay tuned.

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