Saturday, October 23, 2010

Magic Has A Trick Up His Sleeve

Earvin "Magic" Johnson recently sold his interest in the Los Angeles Lakers to a prominent doctor for an undisclosed amount. A few days later he turned around and sold his interest in Starbucks back to the company. These moves are particularly curious considering Magic is not strapped for cash and both investments have proved to be very lucrative over the years. NBA rules dictate that a person can't have ownership in two separate basketball franchises because of the conflict of interest. Could this be a clue as to what Magic's future plans are? He has become very liquid with his assets which also poses the question, what is his next move?

It is no secret Magic Johnson has always wanted a bigger percentage of ownership and the ability to have more control over basketball decisions. What better way to accomplish those goals than to put together an investment group to buy a basketball team and build it from the ground up? Seattle is a city that claims to want an NBA franchise and fans are still reeling over the Kevin Durant debacle. It seems like the perfect atmosphere to pull a Pete Carroll type move starting from scratch and assembling talent for a solid foundation. This may all be a pipe dream. Maybe these are just the thoughts of a frustrated former Sonics fan looking for a ray of hope and a silver lining. You have to admit though Magic's actions definitely give the impression he has something big planned for his next endeavor. Let's hope Magic Johnson's next trick is resurrecting the Seattle Supersonics. Wouldn't that be nice?

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